We build a future for the Children, Family & Community

“Children are the Future of the Nation”

We are an 80-G Certified NGO

We are an 80-G Certified NGO, making every donation a meaningful impact. You are now eligible for tax exemption.

Learning Begins With Us

Our NGO helps children learn important skills like socializing and reading and counting. We also teach them how to have good behaviors and be confident. When they leave our school, they will have the skills and confidence to succeed in their future jobs.
Children’s Foundation NGO is a great place for kids to learn and grow. We make sure our students feel happy and motivated while they learn. We focus on helping them think creatively and feel confident. Our aim is to give them an education that will help them in the future.

What We Do

We are an NGO committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need, providing support and empowerment through our initiatives.


"Empowering young lives through compassionate care and holistic support."


"Fueling bright futures through nutritious support for children."


"Igniting minds and shaping futures through quality education for children."


"Caring for young lives by ensuring access to essential healthcare."

Community Development

"Building stronger communities by nurturing children's potential and well-being."

Be a hero, change lives!

Transforming lives through holistic support: Providing nutritious meals, education, healthcare, and fostering community development in our orphanage.


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Who we are

Our vision is to empower children through engaging and enriching content, fostering their curiosity, imagination, and learning. We strive to create educational resources, interactive media, and storytelling platforms that inspire, educate, and positively impact the lives of children worldwide.

Vision for Children Foundation:

There are thousands of orphans and poor children in this world. And I am very much concerned about them. But it's beyond my capacity to reach out to everyone of them. Nonetheless I will try to reach out to as many as I can.

- Ashwini Gaikwad